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December FAQs

Bulbs: Q– I forgot to plant my spring-flowering bulbs. Are they any good now? A– Plant them in good soil in large pots. Place in an unheated, protected area like an unheated basement, woodshed, cold frame, or garage. Water them once, then keep them from drying out during the winter, but don’t keep them soggy-wet. […]

November FAQs

Bulbs: Q – How late can I plant spring-flowering bulbs? A – Until the ground freezes. However, bulbs planted later probably will flower later in the spring than established bulbs. Q – What if I can’t plant my bulbs before the ground freezes? A – Plant them in deep pots, spaced apart appropriately for the […]

September FAQs

Annuals: Q– What annuals can I plant this late? A– Certain frost-tolerant annuals will last quite a while as late-color accents in the garden or in containers, and the Fall Magic series is based on this fact. Cold-tolerant annuals include Pansies, Dusty Miller, Flowering Cabbage & Kale, Lysimachia, English Ivy, Petunias, Calibrachoa, Dracaena, hardy Grasses, […]

August FAQs

Dried Flowers: Q– How do I dry flowers to preserve them? A–Now is the time to harvest. Two basic methods are 1) hanging the flowers upside down in a dark, dry, ventilated area or 2) using a drying agent like silica gel, available from craft stores. Fertilizing: Q– How should I be fertilizing now? A– […]

July FAQs

Annuals: Q – What is that shiny golden bug feeding on my Sweet Potato Vine, Morning Glories, & other plants? A– This is Golden Tortoise Beetle. One of its preferred foods is the genus Ipomoea, which includes these plants. Control: Any spray good for beetles in general, such as Sevin. See reference sheet “Golden Tortoise […]