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Successive Planting Lecture

“Successive Planting” Lecture with Alice Elliott  Saturday, April 4th at 11 am Developing a plan for successive seed starting can create a steady supply of lettuce or several weeks of blooms from your favorite short term bloomers. Master Gardener Volunteer Alice Elliott, will share some strategies for succession planting through the gardening season. Free lecture […]

A Plan for Pruning

You may notice some people are pruning their trees and shrubs this time of year. If you would like to do so, be sure to base your pruning time on the plants’ flowering schedules. Early flowering shrubs such as forsythia, lilac, quince and rhododendrons should be pruned immediately after they flower.  This is because they […]

December FAQs

Bulbs: Q– I forgot to plant my spring-flowering bulbs. Are they any good now? A– Plant them in good soil in large pots. Place in an unheated, protected area like an unheated basement, woodshed, cold frame, or garage. Water them once, then keep them from drying out during the winter, but don’t keep them soggy-wet. […]