Our Guarantee

Your landscapes success is important to us and we stand by the quality of our nursery stock, houseplants and other merchandise.

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines:

We guarantee our hardy trees, shrubs and vines to be true to name and capable of surviving the winter. These items are guaranteed one year after purchase, two years for loyalty club members, provided they have been properly cared for. *

Plants marked with a yellow “Tender” tag or listed as Zone 5 on the informational tag, are only guaranteed through the growing season it was purchased.

Tender items we carry:

Boxwood, Butterfly-Bush, Caryopteris, Falsecypress, Evergreen Holly, Japanese Maple, Japanese Pieris, Kousa Dogwood, Sweet Fruiting and Flowering Cherry, Saucer Magnolia, Mountain Laurel, Peaches, Redbud, Select Rhododendron, Rose-of-Sharon, Select Roses, Smokebush, and Select Viburnum. Other plants not listed may qualify as Tender.

Trees & Shrubs not planted into the ground before winter, & Live Christmas Trees purchased during the holiday season, do not carry a guarantee.

Perennials, Annuals, Vegetables & Herbs:

Guaranteed through the growing season it was purchased. * 

* Please Note *

Unfortunately, any plants damaged by situations beyond our control are not covered by our guarantee. These situations include; neglect, improper watering, severe weather (high winds, ice storms, drought, etc.), mechanical injury, disease, insects, pet damage, voles or deer.

It is important that you keep a close eye on your plants the first year. If your plants begin to show any signs of stress, please call us or stop by with a plant sample or photo as soon as possible. This will help us determine what care methods are needed to help revive your plant and bring it back to good health.

If your plant dies within the guarantee period and meets the criteria for replacement, please bring your dead plant material and your sales receipt back to us. We will credit the plant value (equal to the original purchase price) onto a Longfellow’s Gift Card. All replacements are one time only and the replacement plant will carry no warranty. Sorry no cash refunds.

If you decide a purchased plant is not right for your garden, we will accept the return within 10 days. The plant must be in its original container, has not been planted, and has been kept watered as needed until the return is made.

Longfellow’s may require that a plant be cared for until June 1st before a final determination is made on replacement. We reserve the right to limit or refuse refunds.