Our Guarantee

guaranteeWe guarantee all trees, shrubs, or vines that you have bought from us for one year after purchase with the exception of plants marked “TENDER” (see below). Please bring your sales receipt and the plant material back to us; we will replace it at no extra cost or with comparable plant material. For your convenience, all nursery plants with yellow price tags on them are “tender” meaning we cannot guarantee that they will reliably survive our winters.

It is important that you keep a close eye on your plants during the first year so that you may care for them properly. Watering regularly is important! If your plants begin to show any signs of deterioration please call us as soon as possible so that we may assist you with your plants survival.

We offer, at no charge, a planting and care pamphlet, which contains planting instructions and other cultural information.


Tender Plants of Questionable Hardiness
( Not guaranteed to survive Zone 4 winters )

• Annuals   • Japanese Maple
• Burkwood Daphne   • Kousa Dogwood
• Butterfly Bush   • Magnolia, Saucer
• Contorted Hazlenut   • Mountain Laurel
• Butterfly Bush   • Ornamental Grasses
• Clematis   • Peaches
• Enkianthus   • Perennials
• Falsecypress   • Rhododendron (large-leaved)
• Flowering Plum   • Rhododendron, Purple Gem
• Fothergilla   • Roses
• Heath   • Scotchbroom
• Heather   • Smokebush
• Herbs   • Sweet Cherry
• Hibiscus (Rose of Sharon)   • Sweet Shrub
• Hollies (Evergreen)   • Trumpet Vine
• Japanese Andromeda   • Vegetables
    • Water Plants