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New Products in Our Retail Store

Food Huggers™ 

The amount of produce that ends up being thrown away is a huge problem. Food Huggers help keep your fruits and veggies fresh. Reusable and dishwasher-safe. 

Baggallini™ New Spring Collection

Beautifully organized handbags to help you glide effortlessly through any journey.

Milkhouse Candle Co.™

The Milkhouse blend of waxes is simple: pure beeswax and natural soy wax from soybeans grown in America’s Midwest. No artificial dyes are added and there is no lead in the wicks. Our blend of waxes provides a safe and clean-burning alternative to paraffin candles.

Natural Life™

Natural Life loves making clothes you want to wear… cute and casual tops and tees that you can wear with jeans and birks.


4Ocean pulls one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines for every product purchased. 


Fully microwavable soft toys that provide soothing warmth and comfort to all ages. 



Corkcicle’s Canteens, Tumblers, Stemless Wine Cups, Mugs, and Tumbler Straws are completely reusable, so you can feel good about making them part of your every day.

Glee™ Jewelry

Influenced by nature, designed for beauty. 


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