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Fairy Garden Step-by-Step with Will

Basic Fairy Garden Supplies

Terrarium Plants

Fairy Garden Miniatures

Rocks & Moss

Container & Soil

Watering Can 

Step-by-Step with Will

1. Put potting soil into container.

2. Place plants to see where you want them.

3. Make holes in soil to place plants into.

4. Add stones and rocks where desired.

5. Add moss to container surrounding plants & stones.

6. Place fairy garden miniatures.

7. Water new plants.

8. Proudly show off your finished Fairy Gardens!

Fairy Garden Complete.

Longfellow's Greenhouses 
"Fairy Garden" Workshop with Kerri Day

Longfellow's Greenhouses 
"Prepping your Houseplants for Winter" Lecture with Ellie Longfellow

Longfellow's Greenhouses 
Virtual Hanging Succulent Terrarium Workshop with Kerri Day!

Longfellow’s Greenhouses is happy to bring you a free virtual workshop with Kerri Day. We miss having our wonderful customers take part in our amazing in store workshops. We wanted to create an option where all of our customers can participate in this fun workshop in the safety of their own homes. All of the supplies mentioned in the video can be found at Longfellow’s to create your own Hanging Succulent Terrarium. We hope you enjoy and have fun creating!