We have a large variety of houseplants ranging in sizes. We offer many common varieties, and also a have great selection of rare and exotic plants to offer.

Buy a houseplant and a pot, and we’ll repot it for free!*

 For more information such as our current inventory or particular varieties offered, please contact us through our “contact us” tab on our website, or call our houseplant experts at 207.622.5965 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

*Free repot offer is valid only on the day of purchase. Repot fees apply for any future services


We also carry great houseplant products to keep your plants happy and thriving!


Houseplant & Aroid Potting Mix Redwoods Houseplant & Aroid Potting Mix has arrived! If you’re currently adding amendments to make your own mix, look no further, this one is ready-to-use, completely soil-free AND helps heal the planet!
IvyMay™ Redwoods Potting Mix is:
🌿Optimal draining & ready to use! No additional ingredients or nutrients needed.
🌿Compact, resealable and recyclable.
🌿 Infused with peppermint + cinnamon essential oils to help deter plant pests.
🌿 Each bag sold plants a tree to help conserve the Redwood Forest through non-profit @onetreeplanted.


Adjustable LED Grow Lights

available in black or white

🌿Expands up to 28″ high
🌿 Brightness: 5 levels 
🌿 Timer: 8h, 12h, 16h


Sol Soils 

Premium Potting Mixes

available in black or white

🌿Available in a variety of options such as Houseplant Chunky Mix, Succulent Gritty Mix, Orchid Chunky Mix and more, pamper your houseplants today with one of these luxury potting mixes
A USA based company founded in 2021. These products were made with the goal to create faster-draining potting mediums to allow indoor plants to thrive and grow happier and healthier.