Maine Made Products


Carrabassett Coffee Company™

Made right in Kingfield, Maine Carrabassett Coffee™ is a small-batch specialty roaster. We offer our very own Longfellow’s Blend from Carrabassett Coffee™ that is a must try! 



Longfellow’s Garden Hod

From Maine Garden Products™ located in Howland, Maine. Designed as a harvest basket but used for everything from a picnic basket to a knitting basket to a place to store kindling at the fireplace.


Grey Goose Gourmet™ Pepper Jelly

Grey Goose Gourmet™ pepper jellies are the perfect addition to so many recipes. Grey Goose Gourmet pepper jellies are all-natural and made right in Wayne, Maine. We carry a variety of their pepper jellies as well as their recipe book right in our retail department.


Laser Art™ Etched Wood Earrings

Locally made in Gardiner, Maine are these lovely laser art wood earrings created by @laserartmaine.

Available in our retail gift shop!


Ledgeway Farm™ Goat Milk Soap

Handcrafted on Ledgeway farm in Pittston, Maine. Their goat milk bars are carefully made with you and the earth in mind!

The Benefits of Goat Milk:

Goat Milk Soap is jammed packed with vitamins, especially Vitamin A which removes dead skin cells and repairs damaged ones, reducing fine lines, brown spots, and wrinkles. These vitamins also help control acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

LooHoo™ Dryer Balls

LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls™ are a reusable, energy-saving alternative to dryer sheets. LooHoos are made in Maine, USA, using 100% Domestic Wool. They naturally soften clothes without the use of unwanted harmful chemicals contained in dryer sheets.


Sea Bags™ 

Sea Bags™ are born as sails and transformed into beautiful bags made right in Portland, Maine! Each bag is individualistic, as each sail used to create it is completely unique.
We have beautiful medium and large totes, handbags, wristlets, and wine bags available now.

Flowfold™ Dog Collars & Leashes

Based in Gorham, Maine, Flowfold™ creates quality everyday products. They are dedicated to three foundational principles: sustainable and durable materials, quality craftsmanship, and making all of their products in the USA. 

We carry their lightweight but strong dog leashes in 4ft & 6ft length. They are made from recycled scraps of the same rope that rock climbers depend on. 

We also carry their strong, secure, and flexible dog collars made from recycled rope for climbers and mountaineers in 3 colors.