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June FAQs

Annuals: Q – What is that shiny golden bug feeding on my Sweet Potato Vine and Morning Glories? A– This is Golden Tortoise Beetle, and one of its preferred foods is the genus Ipomoea, which includes these plants. Control: Any spray good for beetles in general, such as Sevin. Q– I just planted some annuals […]

May FAQs

Annuals: Q – Can I plant my marigolds and geraniums yet? A– At the end of the month, but not before unless you pre-warm the soil and provide special protection. But most annual seeds can be planted after the middle of the month, like nasturtium seed. Wait till the end of the month to direct-seed […]

April FAQs

General: Q– Chores: What should I be doing in the garden this month? A– Spread compost or leaf mold on garden beds and rake up debris. Remove remaining dead plant parts. Wait to do any planting until the soil has dried out enough that a ball of soil will crumble in your hand. If you […]