December FAQs


Q– I forgot to plant my spring-flowering bulbs. Are they any good now?
A– Plant them in good soil in large pots. Place in an unheated, protected area like an unheated basement, woodshed, cold frame, or garage. Water them once, then keep them from drying out during the winter, but don’t keep them soggy-wet. Plant them in the ground in spring after danger of hard frost. Use Bulb Booster or an all-purpose fertilizer when planting, and place them in the ground at the proper depth for that type of bulb (you may have to partially fill in the planting hole at first, then back fill as top growth elongates). If no unheated space is available, just keep the bulbs dry and cool, then plant them outside as soon as the ground is workable in spring, and hope for the best. Some will survive. Of those that do, some may not flower till the next year. Fertilize while leaves are still green and healthy in spring.

Fertilizing : Wait until spring.

Planting: If the ground is still soft, and you didn’t finish planting potted perennials, trees or shrubs; plant now. Mulch the root zone as soon as the ground freezes and cross your fingers!

Holiday decorating, foliage plants: see November.

Living Christmas trees: Keep these indoors only a few days; no more than 3 is best. We recommend the tree be placed in a tub when brought into the home.  This will make watering the tree easier and prevent any mess.  Whether indoors or out, the soil ball should be kept moist and not allowed to dry.  When storing the tree after its use indoors, the easiest method is to place the tree in a garage or other unheated structure.  Place in bark or some other mulching material over the soil ball to prevent moisture loss and reduce freezing and thawing.  Wait for warm weather to arrive in the spring and then plant the tree as you would any other tree or shrub.

Timely Tips:

• Give Longfellow’s Gift Cards this holiday season! Remember to shop from our wide selection of gifts.                 

• Finish outdoor garden clean-up until the ground is covered with snow.                                                                                                                                           

• Brighten you home with holiday flowering plants and fresh foliage plants.