Texture to Enhance Your Garden!

Texture to Enhance Your Garden!











People have a tendency to just focus on flowers when picking plants for their garden. While the flowers are usually the main event, it is also important to look past the blooms, to the texture of the foliage. Incorporating a variety of plants with varying leaf size, patterns, and surfaces adds an extra element of interest to your landscape design.

Enjoy and get inspired by the following examples of texture to enhance your garden.

Evergreens add year-round interest to your landscape.








Leaf surfaces can be ruffled or puckered like many Hosta, fuzzy like lambs’ ear or waxy like succulents.








Spikes vs soft flowing plants













Leaf size adds a lot of dimension.













Grasses create flow and movement.













What does your garden have to offer when your plants are not in bloom? Utilizing different textures will add sophistication and interest to your view.

Come visit Longfellow’s to explore the different textures you can add to your garden.

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