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A Birding Day at Longfellow’s ~ Saturday, March 23rd

  • “Birds of Maine” Workshop Hosted by L. C. Bates Museum at 11 am ~  A museum educator from the L. C. Bates Museum will help you identify Maine’s most common birds through sight and sound. You also will examine bird mounts, eggs, feathers, tracks, skulls and more! This is a great hands-on workshop for kids too!
  • Free Kids’ Craft ~ Create a Pinecone Bird Feeder ~ Little ones will enjoy creating their very own bird feeder using a pinecone, peanut butter and bird seed. Available while supplies last.

Healthy Living Day at Longfellow’s ~ Saturday, March 30th 10 am to 2 pm

More information to follow

“Create a Succulent Terrarium” Workshop with Kerri Day ~ Saturday, April 6th at 11 am and 1 pm

Create your very own miniature succulent garden in a glass terrarium. Kerri will review terrarium basics including best soil, drainage concerns, types of succulents and general maintenance. Cost is $35. Please call 622-5965 to register.

“Create an Easter Themed Fairy Garden” Workshop with Kerri Day ~ Saturday, April 13th at 11 am and 1 pm

Create an Easter themed fairy garden using miniature plants, rocks and mosses. Accent your garden with Easter fairy garden miniatures. All supplies included. Cost is $35. Please call 622-5965 to register.

“Veggies in Small Spaces” Lecture with Alice Elliott ~ Sunday, April 14th at 1 pm

You don’t need a large yard to grow your vegetables, herbs and flowers! Learn how to grow them all in containers. This lecture will give you helpful tips on how to enjoy delicious tomatoes (and many other vegetables), fresh herbs and lovely flowers using containers. Registration not required.

“Fundamentals of Organic Gardening” Lecture with C.J. Walke – Saturday, April 20th at 11 am

C.J. Walke, MOFGA’s Organic Orchard Educator, will discuss the fundamentals of organic gardening, with a focus on building soil health and managing soil fertility for growing productive organic vegetable gardens. C.J. will cover basic composting methods, techniques for managing insects and disease pressures in a no-spray garden, as well as safe use of amendments, materials and products approved for use in organic farming and gardening. Registration not required. 

“Plant a Pansy Basket” Workshop with Kerri Day ~ Saturday, April 20th at 1 pm

Pansies are one of the first flowers of the spring and bring much needed color after a very long and cold winter. Create a cheerful basket of colorful flowers and accent plants. Cost is $25. Please call 622-5965 to register.


Annual Spring Open House

Saturday, April 27th & Sunday, April 28th

Saturday, April 27th:

“Growing Highbush Blueberries” Lecture with David Handley at 10 am

Blueberries are a great addition to most backyard gardens and landscapes. This workshop will review the proper techniques to create a successful blueberry planting in your yard. We’ll discuss site preparation, varieties, planting tips, pruning and pest management for this delightful crop. Registration not required.

“Growing Strawberries” Lecture with David Handley at 11:30 am

Join us for an in-depth look at how to grow strawberries in your home garden. This lecture will cover everything from variety selection, renovating garden beds to pest problems. Registration not required. 

“How to Grow Big Beautiful Tomatoes” Lecture with Mark Hutton at 2 pm

Mark Hutton, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Vegetable Specialist, will discuss how to grow tasty, beautiful tomatoes in your home garden. He will review starting seeds, growing and planting transplants, ground preparation, the use of mulching and proper pruning. Mark will also discuss ways to prevent common diseases and pests related to tomatoes. Registration not required.

Sunday, April 28th:

Wicked Sharp Knives ~ 11 am to 3 pm 

Sharpen up for spring! Have your knives and tools sharpened at a very reasonable price. This service can sharpen kitchen knives, pocket & hunting knives, scissors, pruners and other cutting tools. Please limit to 4 items.

“Plant an Herb Basket” Workshop with Kerri Day at 11 am

Fill a basket with fresh and tasty herbs to place next to your window and plant later in your garden. Cost is $25. Please call 622-5965 to register.

“How to Create Spectacular Mixed Containers and Window Boxes” Lecture with Kerri Day at 1 pm

Join Kerri Day as she gives tips on how to create and maintain beautiful mixed containers and window boxes throughout the growing season. This lecture will discuss soil choices, fertilizers, lighting, plant choices, watering, pest and disease issues and more. With the right knowledge, you can have great success with your containers year after year! Registration not required.