january faqs

Q – Have your seeds arrived at the store yet?
A – We get some seeds in early January, and many more by February and March.

Q– When is your Cabin Fever Art Show this year?
A – Cancelled due to the Pandemic.

Q– When can I plant my (cut) Christmas tree?
A– The popularity of live Christmas trees makes some people think that they can plant a cut tree and it will root. It will not root or grow under any conditions.

Q– What am I supposed to spray on my evergreens to keep them from turning brown?
A– A product called Wilt-pruf, when sprayed on evergreens, especially broadleaf types like Rhododendrons, helps reduce moisture loss, which can cause browning. Apply according to the package directions at the beginning of winter and again during January thaw (outside temperatures should be above 40F.) It also should have been applied in late November. The January application is just a renewal of the spray.

Q– Can I apply wood ashes to my garden and around my shrubs?
A– Wood ashes are a good source of potassium (potash) in the garden. They also raise the pH of the soil and sweeten it. Add them to the compost pile, rather than directly to garden soil. Spread the compost around shrubs and perennials that prefer a sweet soil. Do not apply where acid-loving plants like potatoes or rhododendrons will be grown. Have the soil tested periodically to make sure you are not overdoing I, as too much wood ash is not a good thing. Remember to save wood ashes in a fireproof container, as it can hold live embers for a long time. Do not apply ashes to the garden if they have come from burning toxic materials.

Q– Ice and snow have bent my trees and shrubs over. Should I shake them free?
A– Generally, it is best to let warmer weather take care of this problem naturally. Frozen bark, buds, and trunk tissues can be damaged by vigorous shaking and pulling. If it seems advisable to do something, proceed gently and don’t force the branches free.

Timely tips:
• Chip or shred holiday greenery for mulch for landscape use.
• Sharpen and clean gardening tools so they will be ready for spring.
• Re-apply Wilt-pruf to evergreens on a day when the temperature is above 40F.