Curbside Pickup Seed Starting Supplies

Please call 207-622-5965 or click here to place your curbside order from the list of items available below. 


Seed Starting Supplies

Seed Starting Supplies Available for Curbside Pickup

Humidity Propogation Dome – $3.99

Plastic Tray with Holes – $1.99 each

Plastic Tray Without Holes – $1.99 each

Plug Tray – $2.99 each

Tray – $1.29 each

Bellingham™ Gloves Exceptionally Cool Patterned Gloves – $4.99 each

Bellingham™ Gloves Nitrile Touch – $6.99 each

Bellingham™ Gloves Nitrile Touch – $6.99

Bellingham™ Gloves The Bamboo Gardener – $7.99

Bellingham™ Gloves Wonder Grip Nicely Nimble – $6.99 each

Womenswork™ Garden Glove The Digger – $19.99 each

Peat Pot Round:

2″ – .10 Cents

3″ – .15 Cents

4″ – .25 Cents

Peat Pot Rectangular – .49 Cents

Dalen™ Cow Pots (3in x 3in – 6 Pots) – $6.99

Jiffy™ Windowsill Greenhouse (Grows 12 Plants) – $4.99

Jiffy™ Professional Greenhouse (Grows 25 Plants) – $12.99

Jump Start™ Seedling Heat Mat – $29.99 

Jump Start Seedling Heat Mat 2 Tray Mat – $49.99

SunBlaster™ Growlight Garden (Complete LED Powered Micro Garden) – $ 139.99

The Growlight garden is ideal for growing micro greens and herbs, or just showcasing your favorite plants, while ensuring they get all the water and full spectrum natural light they need to grow and thrive! This unit is self-watering for up to 14 days (subject to climate conditions). 

SunBlaster™ NanoDome Mini Greenhouse – $74.99 (includes high output grow light)

Made exclusively for the SunBlaster Strip Lights, the NanoDome has a unique “H” pattern which enables you to lay your lighting across the dome or multiple domes. The SunBlaster NanoDome gets more of the light your plants love into the growing area, better than any other dome on the market.

Jumpstart™ Germination Station with heat mat – $24.99 (reg. $29.99)

The Heated Germination Station™ seed starting system gives you increased growing success! It provides gentle warmth from the heat mat to the planting bed, and controls humidity under the dome, much like a greenhouse.

4 Inch Dayspot Grow Light – $24.99

LED Grow Bulb –  $12.99