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birds_productsDroll Yankee

The quality of Droll Yankees bird feeders is hard beat. Droll Yankees believe in the quality of their products and offer lifetime warranty on most of their products. Most Droll Yankees bird feeders are constructed of heavy duty UV-treated polycarbonate and metal. This means no yellowing, and no cracking. These feeders are built to last.

Droll Yankees birds feeders are designed with the latest technology and recognized by birding authorities as the makers of the World’s Best Bird Feeders.

wilddelight_productsWild Delight

Wild Delight® products are premium nutritional products and treats for wild birds and wildlife. Three food varieties are available to attract the most desirable birds. Advanced Formulas with premium ingredients and complete vitamin-mineral fortification including real fruits and nuts. Natural Formulas contain only natural premium ingredients. Wildlife Formulas are specifically designed for backyard wildlife. Bird watchers who want the best birds always insist on Wild Delight®.

For more information on wild birds visit Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology at:

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WoodLink was selected as a winner of the Hardware Retailers’ Choice Award for the new line of National Audubon Society’s GOING GREEN™ recycled plastic bird feeder and house series. The entire line of GOING GREEN™ products are manufactured in the United States and are made of over 90% post consumer recycled plastic. This award recognizes products that demonstrate innovation and sales potential.

In 2007, WoodLink’s new line of Happy Hour hummingbird feeders, which are shaped like cocktail glasses, won one of the Retailers’ Choice Best Product awards.